The Canada/US Walleye Tournament featured a handful of keynote speakers. One of the notable figures on stage was Scottie Martin, host of Canadian Fishing Network’s “WALLEYE WEDNESDAY.”

“I am inspired to think of what could happen if politicians get behind rehabilitating our fisheries,” said Scottie. “The deck is stacked against our naturally reproducing fish stocks, and with water fluctuations at an all time high on the Trent-Severn Waterway, it’s crucial the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry works with the TSW and local groups to turn things around.”

Scottie had this to say about the Save the Walleye campaign:

I believe that there is a wealth of knowledge that longtime residents and anglers can provide to science. Anglers and residents in the Lindsay and Bobcaygeon areas suggest the walleye spawning beds are too shallow, and I would have to agree. Water levels in general need to be managed properly—less erratic, and more constant. Longtime resident and angler, Larry Jones, mentions how important it is to get some water flowing over the top of the dams, relying less on hydraulics. In Bobcaygeon, specifically, we should use the log dams directly in front of the spawning grounds. Boat traffic should also be restricted in identified spawning areas until the season is deemed open.”

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